Video Podcast

To love someone is to see their magic and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.


Being Easily Delighted

I decided this summer that I was going to practice being easily delighted and IT WORKED!! I tell you all about it in this podcast and share how you can use the creation cycle to create more love, joy, and delight in your own life!

Your Relationship with Money

This episode may just cause you to breathe a BIG sigh of relief. Your money beliefs are showing up in your life everyday, it’s time to rethink them!

Emotional Wealth

We think it’s important to invest in building wealth, but what about emotional wealth? It makes a WAY bigger difference in your experience of your life!

Raise Confident Kids

Are you struggling with raising resilient kids? Find out how I helped my kids be more confident and emotionally resilient (along with a few epic fails).

How to Talk to Your Kids

The way you talk to your kids is SO IMPORTANT! In today’s video I talk about how my own childhood has influenced how I talk to my kids and some practical tips to improve how you talk to your kids.

The Power of Being Present

When we live too much in the past or the future, we are GIVING OUR POWER AWAY!! What things are keeping us from being truly PRESENT and what do we MISS when we’re not present?

How to Feel More Comfortable in Your Body

4 simple (but not easy) shifts you can make to help you be more comfortable in your body!

Three Keys to a Strong Marriage

Struggling in your marriage or just want to make it stronger? Learn what 3 things you need to have a strong marriage.

Ask Yourself This One Question About Habits

You change your life by changing your days and your change your days by changing your habits.

My Favorite Habit Hack

Habits are so important in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have a favorite habit hack that I want to share with you!